Sunshine Box

sunshine box


sunshine in a box

BOX + craftscorner 046Gray days? Rainy days? Don’t despair! GO Tutti – I’ve createt some instant comfort for you… SUNSHINE IN A BOX 😉

Graue Nebeltage? Schlechte Zeiten? Nicht verzweifeln! Ich habe die Lösung – eine Schachtel voller Sonnenschein 🙂

☀ Sonnige Grüße Tutti  ☀

4 Kommentare

  1. A delightful idea, a wonderful creation!!

    I feel good knowing the sun is always there, even when I get buried during a snowstorm. But I really feel good knowing Tutti is in the world, spreading her very special brand of sunshine everywhere she goes. That’s why there’s a big smile on my face when the snow finally melts and they find me lying in a ditch in the spring… : )

    • Dear Mark, I’ve heared about the cold snap in north america. All my symathy to you!! We had such an extreme winter here last year. Extremly cold, long and eternal gloomy. Depressing… So very depressing that I started drawing silly little picturestorys…… 😉 I hope you’ve a warm and cozy place to hibernate and you defrost smoothly ☀

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